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Elimination Of The Wisconsin Rental Weatherization Program

In an important development for Wisconsin residential rental property owners, the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional services has released a statement that the Wisconsin Rental Weatherization Program will sunset on January 1, 2018.

Since January 1, 1985, owners of certain Wisconsin residential rental properties have been required to file documentation proving that properties subject to compliance under the Rental Weatherization Program either meet minimum energy conservation standards at the time of ownership transfer (i.e. at the time of deed recording), or will meet minimum energy conservation standards or will be razed within a certain time period after ownership transfer.

The elimination of the program will mean that owners of properties subject to the Rental Weatherization Program will no longer be required to hire private state-certified inspectors to inspect properties to confirm compliance under the Program, and will not be required to raze properties or bring residential rental properties into compliance. The Wisconsin DSPS has stated that the elimination of the program is a result of budget constraints and a lack of enforcement of the program since its inception.

For more information, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Rental Weatherization website at:

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